New Trip Report: Oman

Another Oman report from a trip that overlapped with Charles Hood and Mike Richardson’s visit last month.

Oman, 2021: Anita Ericson, 2 weeks & 19 species including Blandford’s Fox, Indian Porcupine, 10 Wolves and a Caracal.



  • Antee

    Great report from a lovely country!

  • Jean Michel Bompar

    Hi Charles & Mike. Very good trip with great encounters !
    There are 2 mystakes (most probably a switch) in your report : page 9 it’s Stenella longirostris and page 10 Delphinus capensis. See you soon … I hope

    • Anita Ericson

      Hi Jean Michel. This is not Charles and Mike’s report. It’s mine and my husband Lars Petersson’s. But thanks for notice the mistake. Both species were seen in the same pod and as you suspected they became mixed up.

  • Jean Michel BOMPAR

    Sorry Anita.

  • JanEbr

    The greatest thing ever is to read that other people use our information! Obviously jealous of the Caracal, that’s a species that we still haven’t found anywhere – and nice that you find a non-militarized site for the Gazelle, that will surely be nice to know for anyone coming to Oman now.

    I wonder about the geckos in the Small Mouse-tailed Bat cave – because we saw Geckos there, but IDed them completely differently – see – are there both species or are we wrong?

  • JanEbr

    Yeah that looks like a different species from ours! You can always put these observations to iNaturalist and maybe get comments from people who actually know what they are talking about 🙂 Really good birds in your gallery, the Egyptian Nightjar is a pretty good sighting for Oman I think!

  • Vladimir Dinets

    You can use to make reptile country checklists and find photos of many species. For amphibians, there is

  • Andrew Spalton

    Hi everyone who has been to Oman – or intends to go!

    Great to find this website. We are putting together a field guide to the mammals of Oman – in fact it is already written and currently being translated to Arabic.

    Always keen to see new records. As we have 24 bats from a total of 60 wild terrestrial mammals they are particularly important. We have worked with Petr Benda and more recently Ecohealth Alliance and collected many records. In addition I have gathered a fair number of bats calls. Anything unusual is of great interest. Anita’s report of R clivosus near Birkat al Mauz is of interest as this species is thus far only known from southern Oman.

    Happy to be in touch with this group

  • Charles Hood

    Just to let the community know, I am working directly with Andrew Spalton on bats. And for the gecko in the bat cave, Mike Richardson and I went with “fan footed gecko,” but we didn’t spend that much time on it. / Charles Hood

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