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Hello folks,


Me and a friend are heading to Andujar for a week in the beginning of April, and hope to see lynx and whatnot. We’re planning to cycle and camp, spending as much time as possible watching the hills looking for creatures.

Do you know of anywhere to rent bikes in Andujar for a couple of days? Any cheap places to stay if we need a shower? Good spots for seeing various mammals?

Thanks for any advice you can offer.



  • Rob Williams

    Los Pinos ( is quite reasonably priced and convenient for a stay.

  • Diedert Koppenol

    I’d recommond Los Pinos as well. Nice place, pretty cheap, quite good food and very flexible about check-in and check-out.

    The good spots to see mammals are the road to the reservoir dam. Driving up to 38.220938, -3.969464 (Mirador del embalse del Jándular) will bring you along this road where there are several watch points built. Here you can see Iberian Lynx, Mouflon, Ibex, Iberian Green Woodpecker, Red-legged Partridge, Rabbits. At the dam, Otter has been seen. Also Red-billed Chough, Ibex, Red Deer. Its a beautiful place, but the road is terrible, so I’m not sure biking along it is very pleasant.

    I’m going to write a short trip report on a visit of 3/4 days to the region we did in January, but I’m leaving for Azerbaijan in three days, so it’ll be out for while. If you have any specific questions, let me know.

  • Sven Visser

    I would recommend Villa matilde ( It’s closer to the best area for lynx watching compared to los Pinos. This might be handy when biking. IT is alsoo cheap and Both owners have in dept knowledge on wildlife in the area. As mentioned above and in other trip reports, the best viewing area is the road leading to the dam. During the weekends there are more spanish/local people wildlife watching. This could prove handy as there are more eyes searching. (My last visit was about 5 weeks ago).

  • Jeroen Verhoeff

    Do you have to stay on the roads in those areas, or are there any trails or are you free to wander through the landscape?

  • Sven Visser

    Yes you have to Stay on the roads. Areas around the main viewing area are privately owned. There are supposed to be some hiking trails in other areas of the parque natural. Just check with the visitors center in las vinas de penallana.

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