New Trip Report: Indian Pangolin site in Sri Lanka

Another report from Stuart Chapman, who may have found a reliable site for Indian Pangolin.

Sri Lanka, 2022: Stuart Chapman, 4 days & 27 species including Painted Bat, Grey and Red Slender Lorises and Indian Pangolin.



  • kittykat23uk

    Great trip report. I’m actually looking for people to join me on a similar tour to get pangolin and the cats, lorises plus a host of daytime birds and mammals, plus blue whales etc, probably next march/April if anyone is interested drop me a note. I’m in the process of getting quotes together at the moment. I’m not a tour operator, just looking for anyone interested in teaming up to share costs. Cheers, Jo

  • Maurice Tijm

    Great video. Amazing animal. A great reference for Wildlife expeditions, again.

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