New Trip Report: Costa Rica

A short report with some fabulous photos from Hugh Lansdown who just returned from Costa Rica. Sounds like Palo Verde, which I don’t remember hearing about before, is worth visiting in particular!

Costa Rica, 2022: Hugh Lansdown, 14 days & 20+ species including Underwood’s Pocket Gopher, Tayra and Ocelot.


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  • Rob Jansen

    Very nice to read about Costa Rica, and what a great photos, especially the Quetzal!! In my trip report of 2019 I wrote about Palo Verde as well, but the amount of mosquitos made it quite horrifying to stand still (let alone sit at a natural pool haha). We had quite some success spotlighting there as well (see 2019 trip report) but not Tayra and Ocelot! Great job!:)
    Too bad that Hacienda Barú doesn’t allow nightwalks anymore. We had amazing mammal watching there. It would be good to see if one can at least walk the mango groove there at night before booking. The owner might allow access if it’s otherwise preventing you from booking there. Lots of potential (we had tamandua, kinkajou, possoms, Grison and more)

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