Wisent at Zuid-Kennemerland


In April, I will be in Amsterdam for a weekend, with accomodation close to Harleem. On Sunday I was aiming at visiting Zuid-Kennemerland National Park and try to spot the reintroduced European bisons or wisents. The only trail that is crossing their main habitat is closed during spring and summer to let calves and protective mother undisturbed (and walkers safe). There is also guided walks in Dutch taking place once a month but it will not be the good weekend and I am not sure I wanted to follow a group while understanding nothing due to the language.

I was aiming at the Wisentuitkijkpunt, a lake wisent seems to enjoy during warm days and try to follow Zwarteveldweg. Have anyone already been there ? Is it likely to meet some individuals ? Any experience is welcomed as I may try to come back later with more time and better-suited time of the year.




  • Jan Kelchtermans

    Introduced European Bison here too:
    51.62870421698966, 4.194040838531879
    As far as I know with free access to the area
    Was there earlier this year (breeding area White-tailed Eagle) and came accross them without efforts
    One hour and a half driving from Haarlem

    Jan Kelchtermans

  • Matt Pep

    Was not going to react but well here I am. I think the “wisentuitkijkpunt” is decent, but not the best place to see them. If you only want to go to Zuid-Kennemerland NP that is the best place ofcourse. Otherwise go to “de maashorst” or “kootwijk”. Website for the latter is: https://wisentopdeveluwe.nl/

    Wisentuitkijkpunt is okay, but not great. I’d say that chances are better there in summer, but april is okay. Go there early in the morning for the best chance, because during the day and especially during nice weather it can get pretty crowded/noisy.

    The area itself is wonderful. Some cool (small) mammals are around if you’re lucky and/or have a thermal scope. If you need any specific information about species that occur there and where to look for them I might be able to give you this information. Depending mainly on my knowledge about the specific species ^^

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