New Trip Report: Tasmania

Here’s a first report from Warren Gilson.

Tasmania, 2022: Warren Gilson, 9 days & 9 native species including Echidna, Spot-tailed Quoll and Tasmanian Bettong.



  • Maurice Tijm

    Lovely family trip and report! Well done. That potoroo is a nice bonus. Glad all mammals are still around. I was there back in 2010. Didnt visit the m v wilderness lodge, leaving spot tailed quoll as a highly desired species for my list

  • Judy Leitch

    Thanks for this report Warren. I’m heading down there in July for nearly a month. Main aim is Aurora Australis, but of course being out at night will mean mammals and if cloudy, definitely mammals. I still need a couple of species in your article so it will be v helpful. Particularly the Eastern Barred Bandicoot. Although others have seen it at Eaglehawk Neck, I have never managed to do so. Cheers Judy

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