The Mammalwatching Podcast with Mogens Trolle

The Pose: Proboscis Monkey by Mogens Trolle

In Episode 22 of the podcast we interview world famous Danish mammalogist turned wildlife photographer Mogens Trolle from his home in Copenhagen. Mogens talks about the philosophy that underpins his photography and choice of subjects,  as  well as his earlier work as a wildlife guide then researcher in Brazil. He describes greeting a herd of 3000 migrating Saiga on the Russian steppes and coming face to face with a Jaguar in the Brazilian Pantanal. And he explains why the most sociable primates have the most interesting faces.

You can hopefully stream it below, or go to And you can download it from Apple, Spotify and other podcast platforms (search for “mammalwatching” one word).

Here is the YouTube trailer.

Notes: The major focus of Mogen’s photography in recent years has been primates and his photo of a Proboscis Monkey (above) – The Pose – won the Animal Portraits category of the 2020 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. You can follow him on Instagram and Facebook and see more of his wildlife portraits on his homepage. He’s also published books on the wildlife of Africa, Greenland and the Galapagos (in Danish), as well as several mammalwatching reports including Mandrills in Gabon and Saiga Antelope on the Russian steppes. This is Charles’s report on Lynxes in Minnesota, and here is Jon’s on his Transylvanian Lynx.

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