New Trip Report: Cote D’Ivoire

Another fun report from Ian who was enjoying a primate and duiker fest, while earning his Phd in West African bureaucracy, in the Ivory Coast last month.

Tai Forest, 2022: Ian Thompson, 2 weeks & 29 species including Chimpanzee and 8 other primates, Pel’s Anomalure, Johnston’s Genet plus 6 duikers species including Zebra Duiker.


  1. Daan Drukker 5 months ago

    Hi Ian,

    What a great report! I am currently working on a field guide/ID document for West-African squirrels and anomalures. I wanted to ask you some questions. At which email address can I reach you?

    Daan (daan.drukker (at)

  2. Charles Foley 5 months ago

    That’s a great trip report Ian. Well done on seeing the Zebra duiker – that’s a species that has been on my ‘desired’ list for a long time. Did the guides mention seeing Jentink’s duiker in that area?


  3. Thug Hamster 5 months ago

    We saw Jentink’s twice in that area.

  4. Ian Thompson 5 months ago

    Hi Charles. As “Thug Hamster” mentions, an earlier group in February saw them twice on the trails near Camp Chimpanzee. I spoke with the Ecotourisme Tai folks at Camp Mangabey and none of them had seen a Jentink’s Duiker, so I think sightings are uncommon. Having said that, I’m not aware of any other site that might give one a better chance of seeing Jentink’s.

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