Advertising: 2 places probably available for Gabon 23 July – 1 August plus option pre-trip

Royle Safaris three trips to Gabon this year are all sold out but it looks likely that two Ukranian mammalwatchers may need to drop out of the late July trip. No guesses as to why….

Martin Royle wants to advertise that their two places would likely be available for this trip, though he might not be able to fully confirm for another month in case something changes radically for the better. But the way things are heading in Ukraine at the moment it seems pretty unlikely they will be able to make it …

If you would like to go on the waitlist please let Royle Safaris know.

Full details on the trip is here. The same clients are also booked onto the Ivindo pre-trip starting 19 July, so there is also the chance to be put on the waitlist for that.


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