Exciting Opening for 1 Participant with me to Paraguay!

Hi everyone!

So after quite a long break, I finally have a chance to travel for a couple of weeks, so I booked with Fauna Paraguay! Jun 30th – Jul 11th.

I’m looking for 1 participant to join me (room sharing, but in some places single supplement is available) in a mammal-full adventure of Paraguay. Email me for details and price – it’s very fair for such a small group!

Again, the dates are:
Pick up Jun 30th from Asuncion and drop-off on Jul 11th (12 days of mammal watching)

The itinerary basically follows the general Mammal-Watching route of Northern Paraguay with the focus on most carnivores (especially cats), Armadillos and Chacoan endemics.

The following list is my personal wish list, along with Paul’s estimate of how likely it is to see each one next to it in bold

  1. Geoffroy’s cat Pretty high
  2. Jaguarundi Fairly high
  3. Lesser Grison Pretty high
  4. Southern Oncilla Low
  5. Chacoan Peccary Medium
  6. Tayra Medium
  7. 3-banded armadillo Pretty high
  8. Larger Fairy Armadillo Very low (Paul has never seen one)
  9. Conover’s Tuco-tuco Medium-low
  10. Azara’s night monkey Pretty high
  11. Puma Medium
  12. Giant armadillo Low
  13. Ocelot Medium
  14. White-lipped peccary Medium
  15. Pale Titi Pretty high
  16. Plains Viscacha Pretty high
  17. Molina’s Hog-nosed skunk Pretty high

If we do very well with the species above, we have a chance to visit a research station for 2 nights where researchers trap Pilar’s Tuco-tuco, thus making the the likelihood of seeing them pretty high).

Other possible mammals along the trip, with my own understanding on the likelihood of seeing them are:
Jaguar (Medium-high chances, I suppose)
Maned Wolf (Low chances on this itinerary)
Naked Tailed, Larger Hairy and other Armadillos
Pampas Cat (Very low chances)
Tapir (Very decent chances)
Giant anteater (Decent chances)
Giant Otters (Medium chances)
Gold & Black Howlers (fairly high chances)

I’m also bringing my thermal scope. I know most of the mammal watching in Paraguay consists of mammals on the road. But I guess after the night’s spotlighting session is over we can be adventurous and head out for another hour or so on foot with the scope, and maybe find some obscure random mammals (Fairy Armadillo!! 😉 )

Please e-mail me if you’re interested !

Tomer Ben-Yehuda

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