Couple of black bears this AM

Went out for a hike this AM in Central Massachusetts. On the way back I noticed a large blob off to the side of the trail. I stopped and looked closely assuming it was a downed tree and much to my surprise I had found a nice sized black bear. It did not seem overly disturbed by my presence. I looked up the trail a few second later and caught a sighting of a second bear. I attached some photos but they are not good. I guess it pays to investigate any large black blobs while hiking as I almost missed the first one.  I’ve had some other nice sighting while hiking this spring like wood turtles and owls. Hope everyone is having a good spring and if anyone needs a hiking buddy in Central or Western MA let me know.


  • Tao Pan

    Hi there,
    We live in Mass too. May I ask you which trail this is? We would like to check it out!

  • wildlife_watcher

    Quabbin. I live right next to it so that’s where I often go. Basically I look for trails that do not appeal to humans (no lake view, no hard surfaces for biking), or otherwise hard to locate. Lots of bear scat seen this am including a very fresh one so I knew they were around but usually I don’t actually find the bears so it was a surprise to find two. I’ve seen porcupines around but it’s hard to guess when the next one will appear. trail cameras indicate bobcats are common but I have only seen them running across the road, no luck while hiking yet. Good luck!

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