New Trip Report: Estonian Lynx

A nice report from Michel de Boer of a very successful trip to Estonia in search of a Lynx, with some great pictures.
Estonia 2022: Michel de Boer, 2 weeks & 11 species including Pine Marten, Raccoon Dog and Lynx


  • SteveFirth

    Apologies in advance if I’m being particularly stupid, but I cannot see where the link is to enable me to look at Michel de Boer’s Estonia Reoport from 2022. I read it when it was originally posted but can’t access it now that I’d like to plan a trip. Any pointers will be welcomed, even if it is to confirm that I am indeed stupid! Cheers, Steve

    • Jon Hall

      Hi Steve – I will reserve judgment on your IT intellect but if you click on the “Estonia 2022” you might be pleased…:)

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