Advertising: Tracking Tigers and Orangutans in Sumatra with Original Nature in September

Original Nature are running a trip to look for Sumatran Tigers, Orangutans and other mammals in Gunung Leuser National Park from September 2 – 19  for 2500 euros pp (excluding flights).

Day 1: Arrival at Medan airport. Pick up by private taxi and drive to Selamat Pangeran (3 hours). Overnight and dinner at Ibu Imu Orangutan.

Day 2: Rest day to be used for different activities of the Foundation

Day 3: Transfer by taxi Bahorak-Ketambe, where our team of local guides will be waiting to take us deep into the Gunung Leuser National Park for 12 days. Overnight in huts on the edge of the jungle.

Day 4-15: We will start our 12-day expedition in one of the most significant habitat territories of the Sumatran tiger, and gradually move deeper and deeper into the jungle, looking for orangutans, siamang, gibbons, lorises or the Malayan bear. The tiger’s territory will be monitored once traces of its presence are found. The Sumatran tiger will be monitored by camera traps along the entire route. We will also have guard posts and tree camps to optimise the search for the Sumatran tiger.

Together with our local guides you will be able to discover other wildlife species that inhabit this diverse ecosystem and hopefully track down tiger poachers, the clouded leopard and the very rare Sumatran rhino.

Full details are here


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