Join me in 2023: Trips to Bioko Island in Jan & Chad in March

I have finally decided that it might be safe to commit to some travel next year …. and so I’m looking for people to join us on small group trips to two very exciting mammal destinations.

Bioko Island in Equatorial Guinea

Chad: Zakouma National Park and the Sahara

If you’d like more information on either trip please write to me at

Bioko Island: January 12 -20, 2023

Middle Africa Travel (who organised our 2018 trip to Gabon) are organising this trip. I’ve been very keen to go to Bioko ever since I read Curtis Hart’s mouthwatering account of several months on the island several years ago. But for a long time it has been almost impossible for anyone other than American citizens to get a visa to visit Equatorial Guinea. This has changed and it is time to visit. In fact it was time to visit two year ago but … COVID.

We will be camping at three different sites on the island on a trip similar to Justin Brown’s. Species we hope to see include Drill (Bioko is one of the only places you can see this fantastic primate), Red-eared Monkey, Pennant’s Red & Black Colobus, Crowned & Putty-Nosed Monkeys,  several Galago species, Brush-tailed Porcupine, Beecroft’s and Lord Derby’s Anomalures, Tree Hyrax, several Squirrels and much else, plus chances for three mega mammals: African Linsang, White-bellied Pangolin and the virtually unknown Cameroon Scalytail. Several of these mammals have Bioko endemic subspecies and may well be destined for future splits.

Price: 4850 Euros + 300 euros if you require a visa. Single person supplement 700 euros.

4 places remaining.

Chad, March 21 – April  10, 2023

Pictus Safaris are organising this three week mammalwatching trip that will take in the spectacular Zakouma National Park at its dry season peak, plus an adventure through an unbelievably scenic area of the Sahara and the chance to see some of Africa’s most endangered antelope now reintroduced into the wild.

In Zakouma we hope to see Red-flanked Duiker, Red-fronted Gazelle, Patas Monkey, Pallid Fox, Caracal, Serval, Honey Badger, Black Rhino plus Leopard, Cheetah, Lion, Elephant and huge congregations of antelope and birds.

In the Sahara – Ennedi and Ouadi Rime – we should see wild living Addax, Scimitar-Horned Oryx, Dama Gazelle and who knows what smaller mammals we might run into.

Here are recent reports from Zakouma  and the Sahara + Zakouma 

The cost will be either 9500 or 11150 UK pounds per person (depending on whether we can share a flight with another group).  There is a single person supplement of 1650 pounds though there ought to be opportunities to share.

4 spaces remaining.

Let me know if you are interested in either trip and I can send through more details.

Bring on the post-pandemic mammalwatching!


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