New Hampshire: CT Lakes and Umbagog

I took a trip to Northern New Hampshire for the better part of a week near the end of June. I stayed at Mt View Cabins for the CT Lakes and Mt Dustin Cabins for Umbagog. 11 moose (one with calves), stopped counting deer at 20, estimate a dozen hares, estimate a half dozen grouse, a few garter snakes, 1 snapping turtle, 1 fox, 1 bear, 1 groundhog, and one unidentified mammal crossing the road. Hope everyone is having a good summer. There is also a video if anyone is interested in seeing more.

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  • Conuropsis

    Nice. I was up in ME from 6/11-25 and was up in the Rangeley area for a day with a buddy who lives in Jay and thought about going up to NH, but didn’t have time:-( There seem to be a lot of grouse with chicks and hares in ME this year. We had three hares and 9+ grouse on this trip when I usually only have one hare or none and only a few grouse. Will have to get to that part of NH next year. Thanks for the post.


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