Mammalwatching Meeting: Online participation

Hello Mammalwatchers

Time is flying and soon some of us will be meeting in Spain at the 1st Mammalwatching meeting, discussing how mammalwatching can contribute to conservation and help protect the species we love so much. We are excited to announce that online participation should be possible!

The online part is on Sunday, 2. Oct, starting from 12:30-15:00 (GMT +02:00, Central Europe). Just following up, from 15:00-16:00, there is a presentation by Vladimir Dinets on identifying small mammals, which you are welcome to attend as well.
We will have discussion rounds and workshops around mammalwatching and conservation.

If you are interested to participate and contribute to the future of mammalwatching, please write us an e-mail at info(at) and you will receive instructions on how to join.

Best and hopefully see you soon!

Valentin and team Felis


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