Spotting golden lion tamarins for free near one of Brazil’s most popular beach resorts

Hi all,

I recently learned of and visited this free alternative to Pocos das Antas reserve, Parque Municipal do Mico Leao Dourado, which has its own population of golden lion tamarins. As information on the web about this place is incredibly limited, I wrote this blog post with info on how to visit as well as how to get there (because the thing is, if you follow Google Maps, you’ll end up going down a road that doesn’t exist).

As I am, quite literally, happy to help, ask any questions or let me know if I’ve missed anything in the comments below!


  • Rob Jansen

    Very nice to hear it has evolved a bit more since our visit, and that there were actually guides to show visitors around. We wrote about it in our trip report from a few months back, but then they were still building the whole visitor center. Lovely place!

    • Shaun

      Hi Rob, yeah, having read that part of your report I was wondering if I’d just be met with a locked gate – so this trip was pretty much winged! Hopefully this means more mammal watchers can visit in the future and see this amazing species!

      (PS apologies about the late reply, been tied up with travel over here!)

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