• Michael

    Cool report!
    One question: is the photo with the bat feeding on the red hummingbird feeder the Anoura fistulata from Wild Sumaco? Looks very orange. Could it not be Orange Nectar Bat Lonchophylla robusta? That occurs there, along with several Anoura species (as confirmed by N. Muchahala, who netted bats there).

  • tomeslice

    Hey Romain,
    Very cool report!!

    I also have a question: the monkey in your pictures on the bottom right looks like a Saki monkey, however you don’t have saki monkey species listed. You also have 8 primates on your list and 9 in the pictures… could it be that your forgot to put that one on the list?
    Or am I just missing it?

  • romain bocquier

    Yes, you’re right, I forgot the Miller’s Saki (Pithecia milleri)
    Thanks for your text !

  • romain bocquier

    Hello Michael,
    It is possible yes, I just take the name the guide told me the most common but you’re right, orange Nectar bat looks more orange when Anoura looks more brown.
    Thanks for this note

  • Antee

    Did you had any guide for this or you did it by yourself?

  • bocquier romain

    We have a guide in antsanilla to entrance in thé réserve, and a guide from the bambou lodge in cuyabeno. In Bellavista no guide and in Mindo we ask our driver who finally find the number of the owner in Mashpi.
    Have a good day


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