second-hand report of Western Spotted Skunk

Santa Cruz Island is one of the Channel Islands reached by boat from Ventura, famous for the endemic fox and jay. Often one gets common dolphin on the crossing.

In the 1990s, spotted skunks were common (??) due to reduced fox populations; the foxes have recovered and skunks stay in far canyons.

Or they usually do?

On the bird forum, there’s this. The observer camped at Scorpion Anchorage, reporting

In the evening we made a concerted effort to see Spotted Skunk, and we were successful, with at least 3 individuals seen. They were also feeding on figs [the way migrant birds had, earlier].

This was in late September, 2022.

How often that happens, I do not know.

Charles Hood


  • Curtis Hart

    I was there for the nights of December 10th and 11th 2021, and had no luck with a couple hours of spotlighting each night and random looks around the campground whenever I woke up. Maybe you need the figs?

  • Ben Ewing

    I camped at Scorpion Harbor a couple nights ago, and had excellent views of 2 spotted skunks feeding in the fig trees next to the visitor center. Didn’t seemed too bothered by the foxes, which were doing the same.

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