New Trip Reports: Wolverines in Finland; Sumatran Rhino; and Tanzania & Zanzibar

Here are some new reports from Royle Safaris.

Wolverines, 2022: Royle Safaris‘ combined report of 2 trips with 9 mammals including Wolverine, Wolf and Brown Bear.

Sumatran Rhino Quest, 2020-22: Royle Safaris‘ combined report of 3 adventures looking for Sumatran Rhinos, with 17 species encountered including Sumatran Tiger and – finally – Sumatran Rhino. Next up on the mammalwatching podcast we have Chris Scharf who was on all these trips.

Tanzania & Zanzibar, 2022: Royle Safaris‘, 8 days & 54 species including Ader’s Duiker, Black and Red Elephant Shrew & Zanzibar Dwarf Galago.

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