New Trip Report: Great Squirrel Safari, USA, 2022

And a second report from Coke Smith, of a mammoth 12,000 mile road trip across 14 states. His daughter almost certainly now holds the world mammal list record among pre-schoolers. Great images too.

Great Plains and the West, 2022: Coke Smith, 6 weeks, 14 states & 126 mammal species and sub-species including Island Fox, Long-tailed Weasel, Hooded Skunk and a heap of squirrels!

  1. Bud Lensing 1 month ago

    What a great trip!

    Where do you find resources on the subspecies?

    • Coke Smith 1 month ago

      E.O.L. (Encyclopedia of Life) has really good maps for the data on the subspecies – this is what I went by.

      • Bud Lensing 1 month ago


  2. John Fox 1 month ago

    Coke, that sure brought back a lot of good memories. Crawling through campgrounds all over the country looking for Chipmunks, an utterly Pikaless Craters of the Moon, hooking up with Matt Miller in Idaho, driving 1400 miles in two weeks, lots of miles on US 395 between Canada and Mexico, driving clear across Montana on Rt. 2…..

    What struck me was how free we are in this country. Every other weekend I’d fly into some city, rent a car, and go wherever I wanted. Not another soul on earth knew what I was doing.

  3. Coke Smith 1 month ago

    Yah it was great. Love road trips! Next year South America!

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