New Trip Report: Spain

  1. Jurek 3 weeks ago

    Great report and you obviously enjoyed the time! Was the Vlad Dinets presentation recorded, and maybe some others? They could be invaluable for others.
    all the best,

    • Manul 2 weeks ago

      We will post a more detailed report on the meeting soon. As far as I know Vladimir agreed to post his PowerPoint. It’s all coming.

  2. Charles Foley 3 weeks ago

    I’m still somewhat in shock at hearing that so many people are visiting the Refuge Ayous to look for Pyrenean Desman, including a scarcely believable 13 different nationalities in a single day! After all, the Lac D’ayous is not exactly on the main tourist circuit. I suspect that’s mostly the result of people following the advice in trip reports by Ben Schweinhart and others on this website – unless there’s an underground Desman information network that I’m not aware of. I’m beginning to see Martin Royle’s point that this community is going to get very large, very quickly…

    • Manul 2 weeks ago

      I know we were just as shocked! I think the impact of a trip report can be very different but in the end we rarely know the extent of it.
      I’m pretty sure the woman exaggerated but even less is still a very big number!

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