New Trip Report: Spain

Here’s the mammalwatching report from last month’s mammalwatching meeting. More on the meeting will follow.

Spain 2022: Felis’s account of mammalwatching before, during and after the 2022 mammalwatching meeting.  11 day & 27 species including Brown Bear, Wolf and Broom Hare.



  • Jurek

    Great report and you obviously enjoyed the time! Was the Vlad Dinets presentation recorded, and maybe some others? They could be invaluable for others.
    all the best,

    • Manul

      We will post a more detailed report on the meeting soon. As far as I know Vladimir agreed to post his PowerPoint. It’s all coming.

  • Charles Foley

    I’m still somewhat in shock at hearing that so many people are visiting the Refuge Ayous to look for Pyrenean Desman, including a scarcely believable 13 different nationalities in a single day! After all, the Lac D’ayous is not exactly on the main tourist circuit. I suspect that’s mostly the result of people following the advice in trip reports by Ben Schweinhart and others on this website – unless there’s an underground Desman information network that I’m not aware of. I’m beginning to see Martin Royle’s point that this community is going to get very large, very quickly…

    • Manul

      I know we were just as shocked! I think the impact of a trip report can be very different but in the end we rarely know the extent of it.
      I’m pretty sure the woman exaggerated but even less is still a very big number!

  • dactylor

    Me and a friend stayed there 2 nights camping at Refuges Ayous. We did not have any succes either and we waited for around 2 hours (before it started to thunder), second day staked out almost the whole day (around 9 hours), third day staked out again (5 hours). So around 16 hours. We had seen the Neomys I even got some pictures. The weird thing is that during our travel we met someone from France who had seen it here and when we where there it looked like it had the signs of usage that Jacob Lotz had put in his trip report. But who knows the individual might have moved or the Neomys chased it away.

  • Trakncritters

    Suggestion for evaluation: Perhaps as a unifying goal, it might be interesting for this group to explore development of an annual goal to recommend and help achieve the creation of 2-3 additional protected areas a year, a Mammal watching legacy of sorts. Heaps of opportunities to maximize engagement.

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