New Trip Report: Central and Northern Chad

Here is an interesting report from Els Slots who went to Chad in search of a Fennec Fox. I am very excited about visiting next year.

Central and Northern Chad, 2022: Els Slots account of a trip to Chad in search of a Fennec Fox, with other species including Dorcas Gazelles and Patas Monkeys.



  • Zarek Cockar

    Green with envy of your 3 Fennec Fox sighting!!
    I’m heading back to Ennedi next year for a second time and will try to head towards Djourab. What time of day was it?
    As for your Hare, I’m leaning more towards L. capensis. The very open habitat in Ennedi isn’t typical for L. victoriae. Down in Zakouma, you get both species, but I think northern Chad is mostly l/solely L. capensis. Happy to be wrong, though.

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