Himalayan flying squirrel ID

I was recently currently in Singalila national park in Sikkim, NE India. We had seen Bhutan flying squirrels every night but then we spotted a much smaller spp at 2100m. According to the book, the only small flying squirrels here are either particolored (H.alboniger) or hairy footed (B. pearsonii) . The first animal was emerging from its hiding place. It has a faint “v” shaped marking on the top of its head and some ochre colouring. I only could get these head-shots. This makes me think it’s more likely pearsonii ( photo 1). Thoughts?

The second animal was further up the road . Again a small animal that was moving very quickly in the canopy unlike the lethargic Bhutan flying squirrels. I only managed one blurred shot before it glided off …..but again there were tinges of orange on its flank. (photo 3).
Is alboniger strictly grey/white? If so , I guess this must be pearsonii. Any help with the ID would be great.


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