The NUTTER awards return/ A community meeting next month/ New website imminent

My mum used to say that “things always happen in threes”. Well here is irrefutable proof that she was right. Maybe.

First, the new website is about to go live. It is going to look a lot better and – importantly – we ought all to be able to upload our own PDF reports in future. We will also – soon – be able to share our mammal lists and manage how many emails we get. I haven’t been this excited since I saw a new mammal. It will take a couple of days I am told and so very soon the current site will go offline while we make the transfer. If you were planning to do some urgent research then please do it now if it cannot wait until later in the week.

Second, do you remember the 2018 NUTTER awards? The what? The awards for Mammalwatching’s most Notable, Unique, Tantalizing, Tenacious and Enlightening Reports: The N.U.T.T.E.R awards! One of the most important events of 2018 in many people’s opinion. Or at least they were for Ralf Bürglin, whose wife bought him his dream lens after he won. Well the awards are returning, which takes me to the third thing.

Third, we will all have a chance to discuss the award categories plus nomination and voting process at a community online meeting that are organising for mammalwatchers everywhere. This first mammalwatching community online meeting will be on the 5th of February.
14:00 UTC – 5
20:00  UTC + 1
00:00 UTC + 5
6:00 UTC + 11
We will discuss the NUTTER awards, maybe trip report design, and where we plan to go in 2023, as well as just socialize a bit. The meeting will be organized and coordinated by, so drop them an e-mail at info AT if you are interested in this meeting or joining others in future. Future meetings will be at different times and days of the week and team felis plan to organize about 1-2 per year. The goal will be mainly to get to know each other, help out the community and find ways how mammalwatching can contribute more to conservation. You will also have the chance to let us know what you think about the new website.
Hope to see you all there.
Jon & Valentin (for ProjectFelis)


  • Ralf Bürglin

    Ha ha ha, very pleased to read that the NUTTER Awards will be revived and that my wife is becoming something like a flagship for it. I should ask her if she wants to become a sponsor for the laureates – not just for me, but in general … What also comes to my mind is that I would like to suggest to change the name for the awards. Although I received many honouring comments from friends like “Just going by the name, no other award does better fit you”, I believe for comprehension reasons the term “mammal watching” or at least “mammal” should be part of the name. I would say if there is a “nutter butter cookie” why shouldn’t there be a “mammal nutter award”. But maybe a native speaker can assess this better.


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