Advert: The mammals of the Sichuan province, China – August 2023: a third person

Jan Kelchtermans, from Europe’s Big 5 wildlife tours, is looking for a third person to join a trip to wonderful Sichuan in August. There are, of course, some great mammals on the agenda. Very exciting to see China open again!


China is a great country for mammals. Two trips there that you must have done as a wildlife enthusiast: the Tibetan Plateau and the Sichuan province. In 2019 I already did the Plateau. A report of that trip is present on this website.

For this summer I am looking for a third man to do the Sichuan province. This from 3 to 17 August. Labahe (and an area nearby for Giant Panda), Ruoergai and Tangjiahe are the areas where we will look for mammals. By scanning, lamping and the use of a thermal camera.

List of potential targets: Red Panda, Giant Panda (small chance), Leopard Cat, Chinese Mountain Cat, Pallas’s Cat, Tibetan Fox, Himalayan Palm Civet, Malay Porcupine, Chinese Ferret Badger, Takin, Red and White Giant Flying Squirrel, Chindwin Giant Flying Squirrel, Forest Musk Deer, Sambar Deer, Reeve’s Muntjac, Tufted Deer, Chinese Serow, Asiatic Black Bear, Chinese Goral, Tibetan Macaque, Golden snub-nosed Monkey (difficult)

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Jan Kelchtermans – Belgium

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