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I am happy to see mammalwatching growing quickly down under and here is the latest news: two exciting itineraries that Parick De Geest at Eyes on Wildlife is starting to run next year in Far North Queensland. And he is looking for expressions of interest now … I suspect these will fill fast knowing how many mammalwatchers there are in Australia.

A 10 day Ultimate Wet Tropics Mammal Expedition from 31 March – 9 April.

This 9 night, 10 day  tour targets most of Queensland’s Wet Tropics Bioregion mammals. On this tour we visit different habitats to target 50+ mammal species of which many are endemic to the area, with an added 20+ incidental species of all three subclasses of mammals, monotremes, placental mammals and marsupials. We will travel from the south of the Wet Tropics Bioregion and cover 450kms to end up at the north of the bioregion. Even though this tour is focused on finding mammals, we will also come across locally endemic reptiles, frogs, birds, insects, and other wildlife, some of which also to the Wet Tropics Bioregion. The key species include some of the hardest to find mammals in the area including Bennet’s Tree Kangaroo, Godman’s Rock Wallaby and Mahogany Glider.

More details are here:—10-days.php

Cape York Mammals Expedition – 6 days: June and November

This 6 day trip- right to the top of Australia – looks mega and targets a several species I tried and failed to see in Australia including Cinnamon Antechinus, Cape York Brown Bandicoot and Southern Common Cuscus. Simply getting to Cape York is a challenge in itself so this looks like a great opportunity.

More details are here—6-days.php


I’m excited to read the reports from next year – please let us know if you sign up.


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