Advertising: Late Availability Maldives Cruise with Chas Anderson, 25 April – 5 May

Late Availability – Maldives, 25 April to 5 May 2024

A family cancellation means there is some late availability on one of Chas Anderson’s cetacean watching cruises around the Maldives starting late April. It is a trip I would love to take. This ‘having to go to work’ idea suck more every year.

You can contact Chas for more infromation (details below) and there are some truly great reports on the Maldives page.

Marine wildlife cruise led by Dr Chas Anderson. Searching for the wonderful diversity of cetaceans regularly seen at this time of year, potentially including four species of tropical Beaked Whale (Cuvier’s, Blainville’s, Longman’s and Deraniyagala’s).

For reports from previous trips and further information: /

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