Advertising: Romanian Mammal Tour + Mehely’s Blind Mole Rat extension, September 2023

This is a fun trip that I am hoping to join myself.

Sakertours are running their Romanian Mammalwatching bonanza again this year. Last year you might remember they broke the 50 species barrier. See here for the trip report. A few years back 51 species would have seemed – to me at least – like an impossible number of mammals for a week in Europe!

There are still two spots open on this year’s tour from September 2 -10. Details are here.

When the main tour finishes Sakertours are running a post-trip extension into central Romania’s Bihar Mountains to search for the endemic Méhely’s Blind Mole Rat which I suspect few people will have on their mammal list. If time permits they will also look for Transylvanian Mole Rats and assorted small mammals, with a final night in the lovely Hargita Bear Lodge.

Full details of the extension are here. September 10-15. You don’t have to be signed up for the main trip to go on it.

Hope to see you there



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