Advertising: September 2024 Trip to see Bonobos in the DRC (Lomako)

If you are interested in seeing wild Bonobos in the DRC then this might be the trip of a lifetime. There are four spots open on a trip this September 11-23 to see the habituated Bonobos in the Lomako Reserve, which is also home to some other excellent primates including Black-crested Mangabey and Wolf’s Monkey, and much more. There are also Congo Peafowls if you like that sort of a thing.

The group are chartering a plane to fly in and out which will save a lot of travel time, but it is expensive: the trip is 12,700 euros per person though you will score a 500 euro discount if you book before mid-June and the price should come down if they fill the plane.

The trip is already confirmed with 4 people booked, but there is space for up to four more people. I wish I could go!

Please comment here or write me for more information and I will put you in contact with the group.



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