Advice request for Singapore and Hong Kong / December 2023

Hello everyone! I will be travelling to Hong Kong and Singapore end of December/beginning of January, staying some 8 days in both destinations. It will not be a full wildlife trip per se but I am looking at adding as much field time as possible. I have read carefully the few reports available on, looked at iNaturalist and initiated some local contacts but I would love to hear from anyone having recent feedback and inputs. Any suggestion about where to go / what to see / persons to meet / etc. would be highly appreaciated. Thanks in advance, Jonas Livet

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  • Warren Gilson

    hello Jonas!
    I was in Singapore for four days at the beginning of October.
    I saw the following mammals at Lower Peirce Reservoir (enter via the Casuarina entrance) : Sunda Colugo (just near the entrance), Raffles’ Banded Langur, Slender Squirrel, Lesser Oriental Chevrotain. There are reports of treeshrew near the entrance but I didn’t see them.
    I also missed the otters although I looked at Gardens by the Bay (3x), Bedok Reservoir, Lower Peirce and Bishan. There was a recent facebook post by a local otter club that believes the family group may have split up in September.
    I note you are also a zoo aficionado. if you havent already seen the Singapore Zoo/Night Safari/River Wonders, definitely try and schedule a visit (but perhaps not all on the same day like I did)
    Best of luck!!!

    • jonaslivet

      Thanks so much Warren for this update! Lower Peirce will definetely be on our list of places to visit (as the different Mandai Wildlife Reserves). 😉

      • Michael Johnson

        Not to forget the brand new, and stunning, Bird’s Paradise. When viewing the massive aviaries, remember they are proofed against both rodents and snakes.

  • wildlifewatchingaustralia

    I cant vouch for them directly but I heard about Ivan Kwan on the Urban Nature podcast. Might be worth a look?

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