Are you planning a visit to Katmai National Park, Alaska in 2024? You should.

Brooks Camp in Katmai National Park, Alaska is not terribly easy to reach but its well worth it, particularly if you’re a fan of brown bears. Apart from bears some other regular mammal sightings include north american porcupine, short tailed weasel, long tailed weasel, mink, Canada lynx, red squirrel, snowshoe hare, grey wolves, northern red backed vole, little brown myotis, and sometimes moose.

All this and the park was just named #4 on Nat Geo’s top places to visit in 2024!

If any mammal watchers end up venturing northward to check the place out this summer, please hit me up I work summers there as a National Park Ranger and would love to meet up with some fellow mammal watchers.

Including some of my pics from last summer to entice people to come visit me in remote Alaska this summer. Happy watching where ever your travel plans may be taking you.

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  • Ian Thompson

    That sounds awesome! One question – do you really get Long-tailed Weasels there? I always thought their range ended much farther south.

    • PaintedTraveler

      Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I, personally, didn’t see any there but one of park’s natural resource scientists got a photo of one last summer.

  • ddahan47

    Hi there! Will you be around in the summer of 2025 too? I am hoping to do this exact trip around then. It’s been my dream for a while to see a sea wolf around hallo bay :3


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