Bali and Lombok April 2023 (Jan Ebr)

We went to Bali and Lombok to snorkel, which was very successful with 230 species of fish in two weeks!

And oh, we also saw 19 species of mammals and maybe discovered a previously unknown species for Lombok.

Bali and Lombok 2023

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  • CarlosBocos

    Actually the first Rousettus sp. look like Eonycteris spelaea, with that very narrow muzzle

  • JanEbr

    I looked up how I got the genus ID and it was given by Fionna Reid on FB. I don’t personally have much opinions on this, so when experts disagree, I am lost 🙂

  • CarlosBocos

    Hi Jan! I mean the group of bats photographed In that cave in Lombok, in the page number four. Compared to the bats labelled as Rousettus in the next page, they consistently show not very strong muzzle, quite long and pointy ears and overall lighter appearance. And no worries about disagreements, these discussions are always quite productive.

    • JanEbr

      I looked at them a bit but I can’t really decide. Should I follow your ID and change the report to 20 species? 🙂

  • CarlosBocos

    Jaja totally up to you mate. Your report, your rules. Do you notice the differences between those two groups of bats? Did you check the differences between Roussetus and Eonycteris? Do you have a personal opinion about the id of those bats?

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