Bintan Langurs – Bintan

Bintan Island

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Mark Spence


  • Jon Hall

    Fantastic report – I can feel your excitement! I love these quests for species no one has reported on before.

    • Mark Spence

      Thanks Jon. I am glad someone is entertained by my nonsense haha. I’ll upload that Presbytis chrysomelas cruciger report sometime soon.

  • PandaSmith

    Outstanding! I may hit you up for more info – I might go for the Raffle’s this summer and maybe add this to the trip! Cheers!

    • Mark Spence

      Yeah! Definitely do! I think Andie who works with Raffle’s was trying to set up something with Ayu Dewi to make it easy for people to jump over to Bintan for the langur. Jump over to Natuna while you are there too! Natuna Langur is a total dude too. Just ask if you are planning any other langur-ing and I will do my best to help if you need it.

  • Daan Drukker

    Did you see (or even better photograph) any treeshrews? There should be an interesting red-tailed species there which I suspect is wrongfully synonimized with Tupaia glis

    • Mark Spence

      Hi Daan. I did not take any photos of the squirrels or tree shews. I’ll ask Ayu to send pictures of any she does see and I’ll pass them on.

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