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Here’s a short report from a trip to the Santa Cruz area of Bolivia with Nick’s Adventure Tours. This part of Bolivia is truly great for cats. In fact I saw more cats on this 10 day trip than on all of my other South American trips combined. Between the cats around Santa Cruz, Goeldi’s monkey in the north, and a new site Nick’s team are scoping out for Andean bears, I think Bolivia represents a very compelling country to see lots of South America’s iconic wildlife species. I certainly recommend a visit.

Bolivia 2023 Charles Foley

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Charles Foley


  • tomeslice

    Stellar report, Charles!
    I heard you talking about it on the podcast as well. I’m super jealous of your Jaguarundi sightings. I hope you post some pictures on Facebook 🙂
    And of course that Puma/Tapir behavior! I wonder if the tapir benefits from it in any way, or if it’s strictly parasitic.
    I mean, jaguar is the tapir’s only natural predator, and it wouldn’t be intimidated by the puma, would it? I’m just thinking out loud.. 🙂

    • Charles Foley

      I can’t imagine the tapir actually benefits from this relationship. The strange thing is that it should have such high tolerance towards any type of predator, even though adult tapirs are not really prey. They were walking right next to each other for long stretches.

  • PaintedTraveler

    Awesome report. Going to be looking into Bolivia now.

  • Ehsan Ullah

    I find it hard to believe that the tapir gains anything from this connection. The odd thing is that, while not really being prey, adult tapirs should have such a high tolerance for all kinds of predators. For lengthy lengths, they were strolling side by side.

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