Borneo bat opinion request

Hello all, just returned from my first foray overseas since covid changed the world, so it’s been 3 years….wow. Anyway I and my trusty partner Kat visited a few destinations in Sabah. We spent a few nights in Deramakot searching vainly for Clouded Leopard but saw many other great mammals. Under the dining area and adjacent accommodation buildings there were many roosting bats. In general they refused to stay put and be photographed excepting the one individual shown below. I know Acuminate Horseshoe Bat has been reported here. I recorded calls on the evening fly out and got calls ranging from the about 82-88khz which seems to match that species. But the individual in the photos here are very rufous in appearance which doesn’t seem to match the description of Acuminate Horseshoe Bat. I was wondering if this could be Bornean Horseshoe Bat (which I note calls in the low 80khz range apparently). My experience with identifying Bornean bats is….well…..minimal at best. Opinions welcome. Have a nice day out there! Brett Taylor

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  • Daan Drukker

    The photos here are too small to see any details of the saddle, which is necessary. Are you sure these are not compressed or anything? Perhaps you can post a clos-up of the head (in profile preferably) somewhere? (inaturalist or for example)

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