Borneo Notes

Here are some notes on a trip to Sabah. Highlights included Pen-tailed Treeshrew, Sunda Pangolin, Sun Bear, and Emmons’ Tree Rat.



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Ben S


  • tomeslice

    Great notes, Ben!
    It would be helpful also to hear how long you stayed at each location, and where you stayed 🙂

    I also thought I saw a pen-tailed treeshrew at Tawau, but it was too skittish so in fact I never confirmed or listed it. I called it out at the time (I was with Shavez, Jason and Jens on our very first night in the lowland part). Reading your report makes me more convinced that it was this species. I had technically seen it previously with Jon Hall at Way Kambas, where it was equally skittish.

    I would like to hear more about your pangolin sighting, moon rat and tarsier 🙂

    • Ben S

      Hi Tomer,

      Thanks! I’m glad I could help you confirm your Treeshrew sighting! Though it doesn’t count if you didn’t see the tail :p

      I spent about a week at DVFC, Deramakot, and Tawau (though I lost a couple nights at the latter due to sickness). The Pangolin was on the side of the nature trail at DVFC. I located it after I heard it foraging on the ground. It crossed the trail in front of me and climbed a liana into the canopy. I found several Moonrats on nightwalks at both Tawau and Danum. They didn’t mind my light and would come close if I remained still, but would run off when I moved or made noise. Tarsiers were at each site, but were especially common at Danum. We found them on nightwalks at several locations, often a few individuals in a relatively small area. I’ve heard that light can be damaging to their eyes so I refrained from watching them too long or taking more than a couple photos. I can share photos when I get around to processing them, but that won’t be for a while. I’m currently working on ones from a trip to Manu in 2021-2022.


      • Yeye

        Thank you for the detailed information about the reserves as I´m planning yet another trip to Borneo. I´m a bit worried when it comes to the lack of Bearded Pigs. How bad is it and is it still possible to find clouded leopards?

        • Ben S

          Yes, it’s still possible to find Clouded Leopards. There were sightings at Deramakot and DVFC soon before we arrived. I wouldn’t delay the trip unless you’re specifically looking for Bearded Pigs.

      • tomeslice

        Thanks Ben, this is especially helpful.
        So about 3-ish weeks total?
        I wonder if the abundance of pen-tailed treeshrews, moonrats and tarsiers has anything to do with the time of the year. I don’t think I’ve seen many reports from January.

        Also – how could I forget – congrats on the Emmon’s tree rat!! Remember I was going to cancel that species just a few weeks ago ;-P
        That’s quite a discovery for science! I hope you sent the photos to all the appropriate interested parties! 😀

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