Bringing a camera trap to Vietnam


Me and my girlfriend are going on a wildlife-focused trip in Cat Tien, Vietnam, around New Year. We wanted to bring a camera trap with us and set it somewhere in the park just for fun. But I couldn’t find any info on whether this is allowed or not? Can there be any legal consequences?

Best regards, Seva

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  • charleswhood

    Somebody currently in Vietnam says this:
    “Best to check first with Cat Tien Park officials.
    They may allow the limited use of camera traps in certain areas.”
    / Charles Hood

  • Martin Walsh VN

    Hi Seva, there have been a few camera trap surveys conducted by foreigners in Cat Tien over the last few years – so it’s definitely possible to get permission to do so, though I’ve no idea how many they turn down versus allow. However, typically it takes time to get permissions for things like this here – especially if you don’t speak Vietnamese/have any connections. I’d suggest contacting the park well ahead of your visit.

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