Call for participants in a parent-friendly wildlife-watching trip in the Paraguayan wilderness in 2024!

We are a couple of field zoologists working also as guides, expedition managers and wildlife photographers. We have moved to Paraguay and spent a year intensively exploring wildlife-watching opportunities in this country, which quietly hides some of the last pieces of true wilderness. Before we got a chance to use our experience in wildlife-watching trips, a little critter showed up and changed everything! In other words, our baby boy was born and added some chaos to our plans. However, we believe that if you have a little critter at home you don’t have to abandon watching all those incredible critters in the wild. A reasonable balance of safety and wilderness makes Paraguay a very suitable destination for those brave parents who want to get a serious wildlife experience without separating from their little ones. This year we are going to spend a lot of time in the wild and we are looking for a family to join us on a special parent-friendly trip focused on watching mammals and/or birds and wildlife photography (optional).

Joining the trip you’ll get expert guiding focused on personalized experience and quality of encounters. There are a number of features that make this trip convenient for parents, for example:

  • Possibility to combine different types and intensities of wildlife watching. For instance, parent #1 goes on an intense spotlighting drive with guide #1. At the same time, parent #2 with a child and the guide #2 with a child look for wildlife on foot at a slow pace or just enjoy nature around the camp.
  • Assistance in managing all kinds of baby issues from travel equipment advice to first aid.
  • Friendly company for your child and possibly also for your “not-as-fanatical-wildlifewatcher-as-you” partner or other family member/friend you are travelling with.

The trip may include either Paraguayan Chaco offering great mammal-watching opportunities or more green and birdy Eastern Paraguay (or both). We have a wide range of interesting locations to offer and it is best to make the itinerary together based on your specific interests and preferences for accommodations, travel pace, distances, etc.

The optimal age of a child for this trip ranges from about 12 months to 5 years. The length of the trip is not fixed but we should fit it in a prime wildlife watching window in the area which is from mid-June to mid-September. Parents have to be mentally ready to accept an unavoidable mess in their childcare routine during the trip :).

Karina, Andrey and Toby


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Karina and Andrey


  • tomeslice

    Hey Andrey and Karina, I may have heard about your news recently 😉 but I want to congratulate you again!!! 😀

    I wish I could go, but I absolutely love your approach for traveling with small children, and I’m inspired!
    I can’t wait to take my little one on his first mammal watching adventure.. though it may have to wait a couple of years in our case..

    Anyway, I can’t wait to hear about your adventures form Paraguay with Toby.

    • Karina and Andrey

      Thank you very much, Tomer! We definitely need to post a report after our parent-friendly trip at least to set a precedent! 🙂 We promise to report both success and fails! We are realistic and trying to expect unexpected in this kind of trips with small wildlifewatchers 👶 but at the same time we are very exited to make it true!


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