Cape (South Africa) in January and february

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  • michaelswright

    Hi B,
    I am a mammal and birding tour operator and guide based in Somerset West, very near Cape Town, and I specialize in running rare mammal and endemic birding safaris throughout Southern Africa, through my business Sustain Safaris ( If you would like to be guided or would like some advice, I am happy to assist. You can email me at: michael (at)

    To answer your questions:
    * Caracal are around
    * Regarding mammal watching pelagics, the best to go with Marine Dynamics out of Gansbaai. Otherwise there are operators out of Hermanus and Simon’s Town.
    * Marrick is a very good region for Black-footed Cat, Caracal, Aardwolf, Aardvark, Sengi, Bat-eared Fox etc, however Black-footed Cat is very seldom seen these days due to the presence of Caracal and occasional Brown Hyena. For Black-footed Cat, by far the best is the monitored cats at the very nearby Benfontein. We can book this for you, or contact Alexander Silwa.
    * Another excellent area for Aardwolf, Aardvark (the best site), Sengi, Striped Polecat, African Wild Cat, Cape Fox, Cape Porcupine, Hedgehog, Cape Hare etc. is Khoisan Karoo Conservancy near Colesberg on the N1. If you would like to book, contact me or speak to PC Ferreira (the owner). Aardvark and Aardwolf are pretty much a guarantee all year round at Khoisan Karoo if you stay 3 nights. I have visited plenty of times and have always seen them, sometimes 6 sightings in the same night.
    * Black Rhino in Karoo NP is the best bet. I saw 4 on my last visit in December 2023.
    * Cape Mountain Zebra are all over Karoo NP as well as in De Hoop NP.
    * Serval can still be found in several spots, but all the good ones are far from the Cape.
    * Wild Dog is best in the North West or KwaZulu-Natal provinces, or in Kruger.
    * Bringing a thermal camera is not an issue in SA in the private areas, and should be permitted in the public reserves as well.
    Hope this helps and you have an amazing and successful adventure.


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