Ghana trip report – February 2024

Here is a report of our trip done in Ghana in February 2024. Several cool Western African mammals were observed during this 2-week long trip, including two marvelous sightings of long-tailed pangolins !  Samuel

Ghana 2024 trip report

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  • Lennartv

    Great report with nice pictures! Always interesting to read what an independent trip might bring. Your lack of succes at night might indeed be caused by dry weather. I once spend 3 weeks in the Amazon rainforest with very little sightings and it was also bone dry. A good rain shakes things up and in a wet forest it’s a bit easier to avoid being heard by animals from a greater distance.

    • samuelmarlin

      Thanks Lennart. You make a good point with the dry weather. I actually noticed it also last year in Sri Lanka where the night sessions were more active after rain than before (although it was already more active than in Ghana, lol!)

  • CarlosBocos

    Hi mate! Good to see your report, you did great! It was nice to meet you in the field

  • Daan Drukker

    The picture of a Gambian Sun Squirrel shows a Small Sun Squirrel too. Great report otherwise!

    • samuelmarlin

      Well noted Daan. I found this sun squirrel skin to be very pale in color for a small sun squirrel but I trust your judgement 🙂

  • Jon Hall

    Great report and photos! Am very envious of your Red-flanked Duiker and Pel’s Anomalure.

  • samuelmarlin

    Thank you Jon

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