Giant Panda expedition year change 2023-2024

Two extra people wanted for a Giant Panda expedition during the turn of the year. Trip starts 24/12 and ends 6/01 in Chengdu. Scanning from vantage points and on hiking trails in a core area where Giant Panda was previously observed. Since a leafless environment is a sighting more realistic in this period. In addition, the Giant Pandas are lower in the valley during this period. It is a non-profit trip. Shared costs. You will spend the night in a nearby hotel; breakfast and lunch are done in the field to maximise chances for a sighting. Different, more reliable species in the area are Snub-nosed Monkey and Red Panda. With rapid success, other areas and targets can be added. For further details send an email to

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  • ddahan47

    Hi! I was wondering if there were any spots left for this trip. If so, I was wondering how much this trip costs. I was also wondering if a single supplement was available and what price it would be. It has always been my dream to see a wild giant panda and I have learned that the season of winter is the best possible chance to see one. Anyways, let me know! Looks like your email isn’t working so I’m posting here.

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