Guide to Kangaroo Rats and Mice of California

Last winter, I made an ArcGIS Storymap of the most likely places to find multiple species of kangaroo rats and mice in California. The data I used came from trip reports posted to The places are identified with coordinates and directions on how to get there based on information from said trip reports.

I created maps for all the ranges of these species using data from the California Fish and Wildlife Department.

I also used some pictures from trip reports found via Google, which were licensed under Creative Commons.

I included elevation maps and satellite images so people know how difficult it may be to access some of these locations as well as an idea of the existing vegetation.

Please remember that while the mammal-watching community is my target audience, the storymap is accessible to the public, so it is also written for those who have never heard of mammalwatching before.

Please enjoy, and let me know if it is useful to you!

If you scroll to the end of the map, I included my partner’s email (William Henri Lewis), because he has more knowledge about mammals and this geographical location, so he is better prepared than me to answer your questions.

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  • Michael Johnson

    That looks like a very useful document for anyone travelling in California. Just the sort of document that is needed in this hobby.

    One suggestion, it would be good to have a contents table or brief introductory paragraph at the top. First time I accessed the document I examined the first map and then for some reason assumed that was all there was.

  • Jon Hall

    This is very useful! Thanks for putting all that effort in. I have seen mammalwatchers break down and cry when trying to identify Kangaroo Rats so this is also a valuable contribution to this month’s Mental Health Week in my opinion!

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