Help with locating black footed ferret?

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I was wondering if anyone had any updates on good locations for black footed ferret in 2023 and 2024. I know they were recently introduced in Colorado and were in Seligman AZ in the past, but I heard they were declining there? I also heard that reintroduction efforts in Windcave NP were successful and they seem to be doing well there, but has anyone visited recently (especially near Robert’s Prairie Dog Town)? I tried looking in 2021 with no avail but that’s how it goes with one of the rarest mammals on earth 🙂

I also heard that there are night surveys in Windcave, how does one sign up as a volunteer for that? I hope if I am ever lucky enough to see one that I can use any photos of them to help promote conservation efforts. I was hoping to do a trip in 2024 to look for them in South Dakota in May after coming back from the Solar Eclipse artist retreat I’m doing in Texas in April. I’m definitely visiting Portal Arizona while I’m nearby, if anyone has tips for spotted skunk or hog nosed skunk I too would be forever grateful.

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Anyways, hope it’s ok to post here, I am looking forward to posting more often maybe even adding a trip report soon 🙂

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  • Jon Hall

    I have shared this on the North American Mammalwatching group on facebook… let’s see if they know the latest news.

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