India 2023: Cats, squirrels and more!

In March 2023 I went to India with Andreas Jonsson and Janco van Gelderen. They have both posted their trip reports already, so I haven’t hurried up with mine. However now that I have a bit more time and I’m also working on other trip reports, I also wanted to share my pictures from this trip with you guys. Especially since some of them are less photographed mammals in general and I wanted to bring them more to the attention of this community. The trip total is 42 species, which I think is a good haul without bats and rats.

Some animals of special note are Snow Leopard, Pallas’ Cat, Rusty-spotted Cat, Marbled Cat, Particolored Flying Squirrel, Bhutan Giant Flying Squirrel, Grey-headed Giant Flying Squirrel and a melanistic Tibetan Wolf.


Thanks to Daan Drukker for his help with the (flying) squirrels!

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  • Charles Foley

    Wow – you really cleaned up on the cats. Well done!

  • Daan Drukker

    Those squirrels in the Eastern Himalayas are very exciting. I should go there one day! Identification is not straightforward in many cases, and both the literature as well as the internet are full of mistakes, ambiguities and brain teasers. I’ve tried to clear a lot of things up. I’ve come a long way, but there are still some things uncertain. I plan to write a note with the current knowlede and some identification help. I hope to be able to publish that in the near future on this website.

  • Jon Hall

    Wonderful pictures

  • Ian Thompson

    Fantastic report and photos. You wrote “Seen a few times at night on the Bompu side of Pench. Not uncommon, but it seems like nonarboreal animals are quite difficult to see in Pench in general”, with regards to the Muntjac. I think you might have meant Eaglenest here, rather than Pench.

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