Information on Way Kambas NP required

In 2020 we had a trip planned and booked to Java and Sumatra for the end of August-start of September time period, with one of the highlights being staying at Satwa Ecolodge in Way Kambas, as we had hired Hari as our guide for 4 days. Covid-19 put paid to that trip, so we postponed in to 2021, then to 2022.

Satwa Ecolodge advised us that Way Kambas was still not open in 2022, so, reluctantly, we postponed yet again to Aug/Sep 2023.

Satwa Ecolodge have confirmed that all Indonesian National Parks are open with the exception of Way Kambas, which is apparently “restructuring their management system, including the tour policy inside the park”. We have just been advised that the latest information is that Way Kambas will be ready to open sometime in August/September.

This vagueness doesn’t inspire much confidence in Way Kambas actually being open when we arrive there and we are reluctant to book international flights on the basis of this information.

We are, therefore, having to consider postponing again to Aug/Sep 2024 and planning an alternative trip somewhere in Aug/Sep 2023.

Before we give give up on Way Kambas for this year, does anyone have any information at all that they can provide with regard to Way Kambas being open/closed or when it is due to open?




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