Looking for 1 or 2 fellow travelers to spot Asiatic Black Bear and Sun Bear

With the aim of seeing all bear species, I’m planning two personal trips to complete the list. To cover the costs, I am looking for 1 or 2 fellow travelers.
Only ABB and Sun Bear (Thailand of course) are remaining.

A first trip to Kashmir (14 to 27 August 2024) this summer for Asiatic Black Bear. In addition to this target species, Himalayan Brown Bear and Markhor are also programmed. The trip will start and end from Srinagar Airport. I am assisted by a guide who has knowledge of the species mentioned and their areas.

I am also looking for two fellow travelers for Sun Bear for a New Year’s trip to Thailand. A local guide with knowledge of Indochinese Clouded leopard will be the guide here. Thermals and spotlights will also be used for that species. The bear is realistic; the cat is a completely different story of course! But is has been seen in the bear area too!

Earlier this year, I scored my 6th bear species by spotting Giant Panda in China after dropping a posting like this on the mammalwatching forum. Both people who joined me didn’t regret!

I have already scored all the other bears in the past: Brown Bears in Finland, Romania, Spain, Poland and Canada. American Black Bear in Canada and the US. Polar Bear on Svalbard. Spectacled Bears in Ecuador. Sloth Bear in India and Giant Panda in China.

For the full program and rates of both tours, please send an email to this address:
europesbig5@gmail.com. As I said this is not a comercial tour: I’m just looking for people to split the costs with.

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