Mammals of Suriname

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Back in 2011 I was in Suriname for six months while doing an internship as a biology teacher.

Locations in Suriname include:

Ralleigh Falls, Brownsberg, Peperpot plantation, Babunhol, Paramaribo, Weg naar Zee and Apoera.

Mammals in order of appearance:

Common Squirrel Monkey, Guiana River Dolphin, Brazilian Squirrel, Common Squirrel Monkey, Red Howler Monkey, tracks of Neotropical River Otter, Red-handed Tamarin, Common Squirrel Monkey, Grey/Chestnut Weeper Capuchin, Neotropical Pygmy Squirrel, Red Howler Monkey, Red-rumped Agouti, White-faced Saki, Red-faced Black Spider Monkey, Little White-shouldered Bat, Proboscis Bat, Greater Sac-winged Bat, Pale-throated Three-toed Sloth, Red-handed Tamarin and Giant Otter.

Also seen but not filmed: Southern Tamandua, Red-backed Bearded Saki, Linnaeus’s Two-toed Sloth, Jaguarundi, Tayra, Common Red Brocket, Lowland Paca and Brown Capuchin.

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