Mammalwatching NUTTER Awards are back!

Hello mammalwachers!

The community has met – and we discussed about mammalwatching, conservation, and the NUTTER’s awards.

The mammalwatchers awards will be called: Mammalwatching NUTTER Awards!
We decided on 8 awards, 4 fixed, and 4 changing every year.

Best report
Best new site for a good species
Most inspiring conservation project / person / place visited
Most unexpected encounter

Additionally this year:
Best new conservation place
Best obscure mammal
Best first report
Most helpful community member

Reports can be nominated by leaving a comment, writing an e-mail to info AT, or at the next mammalwatching community meeting (sometimes in the second half of 2023). We will discuss and select the nominations at this next community meeting and then a public vote will be held.

If you have feedback or ideas for award categories for next year please feel free to also e-mail info AT


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