Mammalwatching Podcast: Roland Kays

In the latest episode of the mammalwatching podcast we talk to distinguished mammalogist Dr Roland Kays, head of the Biodiversity lab at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and a Professor at North Carolina State University.

Roland has published on sloth sleep and incognito Olinguitos and written a North American mammal field guide – also an app – that many of you will have. Roland talks about his work describing the Olinguito, one of the most significant new mammal discoveries of the 21st Century (it was the first new carnivore for the Western Hemisphere in 35 years).

He explains his love of both Fishers and Porcupines and the quest to capture footage of the former hunting the latter. And he explains, with great clarity, the secret recipe to Canis soupus!

You can steam the episode here or listen to it on most podcast platforms (search for “mammalwatching” one word”)



Cover photo: Roland and a Kinkajou by Mathias Klum.

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    Did you have a link for the thermal imager you mention in the beginning of the podcast? Cheers

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